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Unless otherwise noted, all chemicals come packed in a twist-tied plastic bag in a sealed, reusable plastic tub. Some, very light-weight, high-volume chemicals (like air float charcoal, lampblack, and Cab-O-Sil) are packed in boxes instead of tubs. Each container is labeled and contains a material safety data sheet (MSDS) for that chemical. The chemicals we supply are generally technical grade, sometimes better. Technical grade is generally defined as "chemicals of reasonable purity".

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Iron Oxide, black

(iron (II) oxide, ferrosoferric oxide, triiron tetraoxide) [FeOēFe2O3 or Fe3O4] Black powder

Used in ceramic applications, particularly in glazing. Iron oxides, along with oxides of other metals, provide the colours in some glazes after being fired at a high temperature. Itís also used as pigments and in the manufacture of steel, green heat-absorbing glass, and enamels.






Iron Oxide, red

(iron (III) oxide, ferric oxide) [Fe2O3] Red powder

Used mainly as a pigment for rubber, paints, paper, ceramics, glass, in the manufacture of electrical resistors and semiconductors, magnets and magnetic tapes. Itís also used as a pigment in cosmetics and a common coloring agent in ceramics.







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