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Unless otherwise noted, all chemicals come packed in a twist-tied plastic bag in a sealed, reusable plastic tub. Some, very light-weight, high-volume chemicals (like air float charcoal, lampblack, and Cab-O-Sil) are packed in boxes instead of tubs. Each container is labeled and contains a material safety data sheet (MSDS) for that chemical. The chemicals we supply are generally technical grade, sometimes better. Technical grade is generally defined as "chemicals of reasonable purity".

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Oxalic Acid

[C2H2O4] White, granular powder

Used for rust removal; as a constituent of metal cleaners with rust protection; as a non-abrasive brass cleaner; to bleach wood; in metal treatment (e.g. in coatings for the protection of stainless steel, nickel alloys, chromium steel alloys, and titanium and in the anodizing of aluminum); for the cleaning of materials for electronic devices; for the separation and recovery of rare-earth elements; in textile cleaning; as a mordant for the printing and dyeing of wool and cotton; as a catalyst in the manufacture of wrinkle-free and permanent-press fabrics; for flameproofing of cellulosic fabrics; in bleaching of pulp, cork, wood, straw, cane, and waxes; in the tanning and bleaching of leather; as a leather cleaner--(Use 1 tsp. in a pint of water. Cleaning leather with oxalic acid will bleach it a little); for marble polishing; as a raw material of various agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals; for the manufacture of oxalates; as a reagent in organic synthesis; and as an analytical reagent. It is also used for the production of cobalt; for the extraction of tungsten from ore; for the manufacture of zirconium and beryllium oxide; in the preparation of small particles or powders used for magnetic recording tape; as a polymerization initiator; in photography; in the production of inks, pigments and paints; for removing calcium in waste water treatment; and for the stabilization of sodium hydrosulfite and hydrocyanic acid; antifungal for bees.

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