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Unless otherwise noted, all chemicals come packed in a twist-tied plastic bag in a sealed, reusable plastic tub. Some, very light-weight, high-volume chemicals (like air float charcoal, lampblack, and Cab-O-Sil) are packed in boxes instead of tubs. Each container is labeled and contains a material safety data sheet (MSDS) for that chemical. The chemicals we supply are generally technical grade, sometimes better. Technical grade is generally defined as "chemicals of reasonable purity".

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[(-CF2CF2-)n) ] (poly(tetrafluoroethylene); PTFE; poly(ethylene tetrafluoride); tetrafluoroethene polymer; terafluoroethylene homopolymer) White powder

Dupont product name is Zonyl Fluoroadditive MP1200. Particle size range 1-9 microns.

Used as a non-stick coating on cookware, in laminates for floor protection and as a dry lubricant. Used in nail polish to protect nails from chipping and wear and on glasses to improve clarity. Designed for use as an additive in other materials to impart low-surface energy and other fluoropolymer attributes. In particular, it has been found well suited for use in inks and coatings where a narrow particle size distribution is desired. With plastics and elastomers, it provides improved lubricity and wear resistance. Added to lubricants, it can enhance performance under severe conditions.







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