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Unless otherwise noted, all chemicals come packed in a twist-tied plastic bag in a sealed, reusable plastic tub. Some, very light-weight, high-volume chemicals (like air float charcoal, lampblack, and Cab-O-Sil) are packed in boxes instead of tubs. Each container is labeled and contains a material safety data sheet (MSDS) for that chemical. The chemicals we supply are generally technical grade, sometimes better. Technical grade is generally defined as "chemicals of reasonable purity".

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Wood Meal

Extremely fine, light-tan flour, much-much finer than sawdust

Used as a soil extender, as filler in a plastic resin matrix, animal feed filler, oil and water solidification, toilet seats, decking, marina products, and automotive components. Some other interesting uses of wood meal include cleaning of furs where it is a mild abrasive and oil absorbent, it is also an abrasive in soaps - especially those used by mechanics, and relatively coarse wood meal is used in silverware cleaners. Other uses include doorknobs, ornaments, and molded furniture parts.







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